I am a Sociology Ph.D. Candidate at The Ohio State University and an affiliated member of the Institute of Population Research Center.  I am also the Associate Editor for Social Currents, the official journal of Southern Sociological Society. I am currently finishing my dissertation titled Occupational Segregation and Employer Discrimination: An Audit Analysis of Gendered Hiring Biases and Practices and expect to graduate May 2017.yavorsky-working-on-laptop-at-coffee-shop

           Generally, my research spans areas of gender, work and organizations, family, and education and thus far has appeared in Journal of Marriage and Family, The Sociological Quarterly, and Sex Roles. I also have two first or sole-authored manuscripts forthcoming at The Sociological Quarterly, and Sociological Forum. This work has been supported by prestigious grants/fellowships (e.g., National Science Foundation), has received awards (e.g., National Council on Families Research Jesse Bernard award), and has garnered widespread attention from top media outlets (e.g., New York Times, TIME, Chicago Tribune, Newsweek, and Washington Post).


Department of Sociology and
Institute for Population Research
The Ohio State University
238 Townshend Hall
1885 Neil Avenue Mall
Columbus, OH 43210
Email: yavorsky.3@ osu.edu