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  1. I think the results of your group are really great! Before I watched your video, I had no idea that RPAC had so many hidden features. We can work in the school swimming pool. And our bikes can also be sent to special locations for repairs. This is especially helpful for new students. Many people don’t take advantage of school resources. But the cost of RPAC is included in the tuition.

    • I am really surprised by your video cause you use a map instead of words to showing the locations. There is no doubt that you were pretty serious about the project. In your slides, many details are included which are likely to answer most of the questions. You must spend lots of time on it.

  2. Hi Ye Yao! Your introduction video has given me so much useful information and links which I can search for details. The slide are clear and provide the most important information. I believe that this introduction will make my life easier her at The Ohio State University when I want to ride bicycle or swim. Thank you so much!

    • Thank you! You did a very good job as well. Your slides are super clear and useful, including different pictures and vivid description. In addition, your narrating is logically and easily understood. I can completely got your points which is the best advantage of your video. Sometimes people prefer to hear instead of reading.

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