Google Drive

The Google drive is the useful tool to help students to complete their works. Because the Google Drive can let students work together and communicate with each other. It supports editing documents online, and students also can see which thing is changed in time. If some students want to make a group meeting. The Google Drive is a good choice.

This is a hyperlink of Google Drive:

This is a video about how to use the Google Drive:


Trello is a kind of good technology to help students manage their times. It is full of flexibility. Students can change everything what they want. They can set up the deadline, change color of board, and provide some resources. This technology also can can help students to track their processing in time. And it also can remind you to do something. This is a good tool to help students to learn how to manage their times and complete their works much easier than before.

This is the official website of Tello(It also has video to teach people how to use Trello):


Sway is a good tool to help students who will do the presentation in a group. Comparing to the PowerPoint, the Sway is a kind of good choice for the group’s presentation. Because students who are in the group will see the all the others’ works online. So they can edit their works based on the online data much faster. This tool can help students to save a lot of unnecessary times.

This is the teaching video of how to use Sway: