For global awareness and leadership development i am planning to achieve both of them through the club i am in which is called CSSS. This club is a Chinese students organization. Through the club i can develop my leadership ability by organizing events and contacting companies for internships. I can also coming up with activities and setting up activities. This is also global awareness becasue the club is very heavily influenced by Chinese culture, and our job is to promote our culture to other non-Chinese students. We set up a stand couple weeks ago at RECESS, and we taught many students to write Chinese. That was a memorable and fun experience. Original inquiry is doing researching, and i think i am planning to try research next year. Eventhough i am not that interested in research, but it is always great to give new thing a try. For academic enrichment, i am planning to join a few clubs that are more academic based, so i can volunteer or shadow at a dentist’s office. For service engagement, i am thinking about doing volunteer at hospitals or schools. I am also planning to do the Buckeye Thong to help fundraising for kids who have cancer.