One artifact that is very important in my life is a letter that my grandpa gave before i left Shanghai. I moved to U.S. at the age of eleven, and this letter was my grandpa’s last gift for me before i departure from the Shanghai’s airport. The letter was wrinkled and plain. However, the meaning of the letter is undeniably meaningful. This letter is important to me becasue it taught  me a lesson to never give up and study harder for yourself and not for others. My grandparents told me in the letter to adapt to the new environment and study harder than before. It also said i need to grow up more like an adult since now i will be living with my parents. I suddenly realized i need to change my way of thinking and behaving after reading this letter. It suprised me at first that my grandpa wrote all of this in the letter because he never says anything like that before. However, it made me want to be a better person and accomplish my goals in life.


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