Vision Statement and Statement of Action

In my next two years of college I want to keep up with my good grades and continue to develop my leadership skills in my two student organizations. I really want to put my focus on job finding and internship opportunities next year, and I will really need to work on my interviewing skills by doing a lot more mock interviews in the career office. My current goal is hopefully to find a good internship at one of the big four accounting firm, and I will love to work right after college in the company. During my work the first year, I will also try to get CPA certified at the same time. However, internship is not always promised. If I can’t find an internship that I liked in my third year, I will like to start on my master first after college. For my master, I am considering in studying law because that will relate to accounting a little bit and my path will be more related to business law. It is two very different paths in my mind, and that is what I am really wanting to be clarified in the next year. One thing I can be sure of is that I want my career in the business financial field, and I am leaning more towards to a fashion industry company in the future.

Artifacts: Notebook

The notebook that I am holding is where all of my goals started. I am a person that likes to keep all my ideas in a space, and in my case it is the notebook. In my notebook I write down all of my thinking and ideas, and a lot of them are goals I want to accomplish in the future. Being a person who have many interests, I have always want to create a platform to share my work and idea. My career goal is to work in an industry of fashion, design, and social media; therefore, knowing and creating a platform is an important skill. In my notebook I have written down many ideas in how to create this platform and what kind of content I will include in my platform. Finally this year I have putted all into a website of my own, and this became my platform that I have been planning in my notebook for a long time. I am thinking about building this platform to be a place where I will share my thinking and expressing more of my interests in art, fashion, and music. I hope I can continue build up my skills in the platform, and also keep writing in my notebook to come up with more great ideas.

my website:

Artifacts: Buckeyethon event

Grandpa’s letter taught me a lot in life, and giving is part of the lesson in the letter. The red shirt I worn in this picture represent my passion in giving to others. The buckeyethon event at OSU is a fundraising event to help children with pediatric cancer. the funding will go into research or help the family and kids directly. The kids I met in the pictures smile and laugh so brightly in the picture, but we will never see the other side of them when they were battling with their body. My biggest hope is to help those kids even just a little, and maybe just to make them laugh. By doing Buckeyethon, I really feel like my work was done for the real good. With those huge amount of money, I hope the family can feel more hopeful and maybe find a cure for the kids. I also grew a lot in this event being only a member in my freshman year, and a team captain at my sophomore year. The more time I spent in this event, the happier I felt because I am doing something good for other people.

For the kids!

Welcome to my Honors & Scholars e-Portfolio

Hello guys! My name is Zixin (Elaina) Yang, and I was originally from Shanghai and moved to Cincinnati at 11 yeas old. My native language is Chinese, and now I am also fluent in English obviously and some Spanish form high school. My major at OSU is actually Accounting and Psychology, which has little to do with Bio science surprisingly. I have many interests in life such as art, music, photography, and basketball. In this e-portfolio you can learn more about my background, interest, and also my life goals. I hope this is a place we can all learn and grow together, and thank you for exploring through my e-portfolio.

Welcome to Elaina’s magical world!

Year in Review


Freshman year:

After this semester i realized how busy the college life is. It is kind of surprising to me that i actually enjoyed the busy work and the different organizations i am in. I love the feeling that i have something to accomplish each day, and i feel like i am not wasting any of my time on something that is not meaningful to me. I struggled a little bit with picking a major that i like, but i finally decided on business major. I feel like I’m am a person who is good at communication and i love the econ class i am taking this semester. This seems like a good route to me and hopefully I can decide on my specialization later on. Overall, this semester is busy but fulfilling. I have learned a lot but also made many good friends. I hope everything goes well for next semester.

Sophomore year:

This semester ended quickly and not as expected due to the pandemic, and I suddenly felt the sadness. I actually realize my college life is already half way through, and I really did enjoyed the busy but fun college life. I was very lost in my first year of college because I was undecided in major, and I felt like I didn’t belonged to any part of the school. This year I was finalized in two majors actually, and it was Accounting and psychology. The two majors sounded entirely different, but I saw the connection in between. Accounting being a business major requires large about of networking and talking, and psychology is learning about how people behave whether in talking or thinking. If business is the phone itself, I will consider psychology being the plug that connects to the phone. The two majors balance nicely with each other and psychology can still continues my interest in science. Being determined in my major I feel a lot more confident and belonged this year, but also more stress. This year I struggled a lot with trying to find internship opportunities and interviewing in many different position. I realize there is no short cuts into any job or major, there will always be more to learn. I also learned to not be afraid to rejection because rejection is the door to more opportunities. I am still considering many things after college this year such as going to get a master or try to find a job first. I have many ideas popping through my head, but I hope next year I can plan on a more clear path for myself after college. Overall, it is a stressful year and also a year with more confidence.


For global awareness and leadership development I am planning to achieve both of them through the organization that i am in which is called CSSS. This is a Chinese students organization. Through the organization I can develop my leadership ability by organizing events and contacting companies for internships. I can also come up with activities and set up activities. I am the e-board for CSSS public relation department, and this has allowed me to develop many useful skills in engaging others and being a responsible leader.

This is also global awareness becasue the club is very heavily influenced by Chinese culture, and our job is to promote our culture to other non-Chinese students. We set up a stand couple weeks ago at RECESS, and we taught many students to write Chinese. That was a memorable and fun experience for me, and I would love to do something similar in the future. In my sophomore year I lead a group in the organization to organize an event that is called the international student panel for business fraternities. This has never happened before, and the opportunity allowed many international students to truly understand what fraternity is.

To develop Original inquiry I want to explore and asking myself questions. I need to know what I truly want in my career in the future, and what I want to achieve in life. I created this website as a platform for myself to explore my interests and share ideas in the public. I want to an original person, and also a person who is always questioning herself about new thinkings and ideas.

For academic enrichment, I am planning to join a few more student organizations that are more academic based, so I can developed more skills and knowledge in different areas. I want to take classes that are challenging and interesting to me, and I don’t want to be trapped in the comfort zone.

For service engagement, i am thinking about doing volunteer at hospitals or schools. I am also part of the buckeyethon event on campus. This is a fundraising event for kids who have pediatric cancer, and I have been participated in a consecutive 2 years. In my student organization, we also encourage many service engagement such as making blanket and doing food fundraising for those in need.


My career goal is work in a fashion industry company for their financial or public relation department. I am currently accepting and psychology major, and this also means I want to get CPA certified in the future. I am considering between going to work at an accounting firm right after work or going for a master. For master, I have not be determined in what type, but I am leaning towards business law of some sorts. I know if I want to go into a fashion industry I will have to have many job experiences or internships, and I will need to show the company the artsy side of me to prove I am a good fit. I need to do a lot more research in this career, and this is surely not a one step type of goal.


Ted talk:

I went to the Ted talk about “Ancient DNA”. The event was a small discussion, and we had arguments about whether to modify the DNA to create better species or just let the nature do its own thing. It was very fun to hear differnt perspectives from differnt students, and I enjoyed the whole process. I also like the Ted talk because it brought up something that I have never thought about before, and it also reminds me of one of my favorite movie”Jurassic Park”. Below is a picture of the ted talk we watched during the event. Going to to the event made me realize biology and science might not be something that I really want to pursue in the future.


Job at Office of International Affair:

I worked as front desk for the office for almost two years, and last summer I also worked as an orientation leader. The job experience at the office made me realize how much I enjoy talking with others and also helping others to solve problems when there might be a language barrier. I love the experience of sharing my cultures with others, and I also learned many cultures and traditions from others. This was an exotic experience for me, and it made me realize I would probably love to do a job that will require a lot of group work and also conversational based. This made me realized that business major could be a good fit for me.



Artifacts: Letter from Grandpa

One artifact that is very important in my life is a letter that my grandpa gave before i left Shanghai. I moved to U.S. at the age of eleven, and this letter was my grandpa’s last gift for me before i departure from the Shanghai’s airport. The letter was wrinkled and plain. However, the meaning of the letter is undeniably meaningful. This letter is important to me becasue it taught  me a lesson to never give up and study harder for yourself and not for others. My grandparents told me in the letter to adapt to the new environment and study harder than before. It also said i need to grow up more like an adult since now i will be living with my parents. I suddenly realized i need to change my way of thinking and behaving after reading this letter. It suprised me at first that my grandpa wrote all of this in the letter because he never says anything like that before. However, it made me want to be a better person and accomplish my goals in life. I want to help those people that I can and I want to be a person that he could be proud of.


About Me


My name is Elaina Yang, and I am accounting and psychology double majoring. I enjoy doing a lot of things, and I have interests in science, business, arts, fashion, and music. I hope at OSU I can find a career that I am truely passionate about, and I will work hard toward my goal. Something that is special about me is that I am very multicultural, because I was borned in Shanghai but moved to America at the age of 11. As a result, my first language is Chinese and I picked up English after I moved to America. My biggest passion includes playing guitar, singing and drawing. Please let me know if you also enjoyed those activities!

Hopefully you guys have learned a little bit about me, thank you.

If you want to know more about me as a person please go click on my website that is listed in artifacts tab also: