Who am I

Basic introduction


100 days since I was born

Though I was born in Hubei, now I live in Guangzhou and study there. The fact is that my parents are working in Guangzhou and I want to stay with them, for this reason, I came to Guangzhou. I’m the only child of my family, so sometimes I wish I could have a great brother or sister so that I can buy a lot of toys for him or her. When I stay alone at home, I prefer to practice yoga and read books. However, I am also an outside lover. I love riding, climbing, enjoying the sunlight. 


I comleted my yoga class

My unique experience

When I was a little girl, I had made so many friends because of my interesting experience of transferring to so many schools. At first, I studied in Hubei then Guangzhou after grade 5. In my primary school, I transferred 3 times. I was always the youngest when I went to school and all of classmates took good care of me. But the most amazing and interesting thing for me is the friendships between my friends and me. If we argued today, we can immediately reconcile and play toys again. Now I just graduated from No.47 middle school.

Strange feeling


I took it in my graduation day with my classmates

As for the reason I chose to go to the Ohio State University are many factors influence me. First of all, I think buckeye is so cute and I’ve no resistance to any lovely things. Secondly, I chose it is the ranking of accounting is very high, which is my ideal one. I was not sure that what I was really interested in that field during the application period. I didn’t find my interest until my friend recommended this major. You know, it’s hard to believe that one could love one subject so quickly, but it happened to me. I plan to change my major into accounting and now my major is education.♥
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13 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. I was so excited to see you give my comments, and I read your article. I found that you also come from Hubei. Do you miss tasty food in hometown? In Columbus, I can cook for you. Besides, your picture is very interesting, especially for the first one. You are so cute!!! At the same time, I love hiking, climbing and swimming. We can do those outdoor activities in the future.

  2. Wow, your work is really great and your pictures are quite unique and fascinating!I have to say that you look really cute when you were 100 days old! 🙂 Also I am interesting in yoga and I think you must be good at it because you have a certificate! Yeah buckeye is cute~ Go buckeyes!

  3. The photo about you born 100 days is really really cute! And I want to know why your parents pointed a red point on your forehead when you are a little baby, I know lots of parents do it, but I still do not know. Could you tell me? Thank you!

    • Thank u! In my hometown, it represents best wishes from parents or other elders. This wish can means a lot, such as growing up healthily, happily and so on.

  4. I think your experinece is very cool and you have a chance to learn a different language when you go to Guangzhou. That is a wonderful thing.

    • Yep!! My parents also think it is a good way to learn a entirely new language. HAHA, though I have not good command of it, I have learned a lot!

  5. l have to say that the photo you taken when you were a little baby is really cute! And l never learn yoga but always want to have a try. l hope you can teach me if we could be friends in OSU. You really a happy girl and your experience was so fun !

    • Oh! That’s my pleasure!! I can’t wait to make friends with you! You know, I have the certification. So trust me. We can learn yoga together!

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