A group of people–Asian American

In the film of Tajima-Peñas, it raised a question about the class status of Asian American and white people who is really a American people. The young Asian woman in the film mentioned that get a “white boyfriend” would raise her status in the society. In my opinion of thinking, this problem still exists in modern society. I have a friend who is Asian American. She told me, “in her high school has three groups of people, American people, international people (Asian) and Asian American people.” They are a group of people that don’t belong to American and don’t belong to Asian either. It is because they influenced by traditional Chinese family but study the American cultures in the school.

I also read “The Joy Club” before, it tells about the conflict between Chinese immigrant mothers and their American-raised daughters and their struggling to understand each other. The film shows us these topics: the misunderstanding of love between the mothers and the daughters, the clash between the generations and cultures, and the struggle for the women to fight for equity. In many cases, we and those we love are easy to hurt each other because of the misunderstanding of love, the conflicts in generation and culture background, or unconsciousness.

In am going to explore why those people want to immigrate to American while leave their hometown. I think they have their own reason or the situation pushed them immigrate. Sometime, they may miss their hometown and other family members.