Each student enters the classroom with a variety of background knowledge, experiences, skills, and goals. I believe these diverse backgrounds contribute to a productive learning environment for everyone, but require work by the instructor to ensure materials are accessible to all students. My goal as an instructor is to facilitate growth and strengthen students’ reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. My experience as a first-generation college student informs my teaching practices and confidence in students’ abilities regardless of their background. I engage students with course materials by connecting course concepts to recent events, using a variety of different in-class exercises, and sharpening the skills that students will benefit from no matter their major or career goals. As an instructor, I seek to make students feel respected, comfortable, and confident that they have important contributions to make not only in my course, but also in the world awaiting them outside the classroom.

Teaching and Research Mentorship at the University of Michigan

Research Mentor, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, 2014 – 2018

Research Mentor, Community College Summer Research Fellowship Program, 2017

Graduate Student Instructor, Introduction to American Politics, Fall 2015

Research Mentor, Community College Summer Research Fellowship Program, Summer 2015

Courses Taught at the Social & Economic Survey Research Institute – Doha, Qatar

Lecturer, One-Week Program on Research Design & Data Analysis, 2015