The growing independence of single women, especially educated single women, has slowly but surely changed the perception of singlehood and has created the hook-up culture that exists today.

Argument 1: First time women entered the work force during the civil war era.

Argument 2: once wars ended women went back to being ” house wives” and it frowned upon from them to work.

Argument 3: Equal rights act, helped women re enter the work force, during the industrial revolution.

Argument 4: how once women became more and more independent they could date and ” Hook up” with different guys to see wha they actually wanted in a partner.

Conclusion: Womens’ growing independence most definitely had an impact on the Hook up Culture and why a lot of women are more single and prospering in todays society.


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Annotated Bibliography

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This source is a combination of two studies to find out why people choose to be single. The studies were done by the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Nicosia. The first study was done by asking 30 people (15 men and 15 women) to do an interview and/or answer open-ended questions on why they chose to be single. In total, there were 76 reasons on why both genders stated why they wanted to be single. Of these 76 reasons, they can be broken down into 16 broad categories. Some of the categories consist of wanting to be free, not trusting others, enjoy being single, and experiencing difficulty trying to start a new relationship. The main reason why people chose to be single is to have freedom.



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This source is a detailed analysis on why the hook up culture exists in our society. This source is based on an interview Donna Freitas, author of “The End of Sex: How Hookup Culture is Leaving a Generation Unhappy, Sexually Unfulfilled, and Confused About Intimacy.” There are several factors that have created the hook up culture including feminism, careerism and secularism.




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This source is another perspective on why the hook up culture exists and how it came to be. The main argument for this source is that women are becoming more independent in our society which is leading to an increase in women college graduates. This growing number of women on campuses has led to the change of the traditional dating scene.




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This source is a timeline of facts that all relate to the LGBT community from CNN. The timeline begins in 1924 with the establishment of the first organization for gay rights and ends August, 2018. I am using this source because the timeline shows the progression of how our society has drastically changed in such little time. Our culture is completely different than what it was just a couple decades ago.



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This source is about the evolution of women in the workforce starting pre-Great Depression. The source analyzes what was happening in each era of women starting to join the workforce and how that affected our society in the past and in the present.




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This source, which is my peer reviewed source, is all about how people from all across the country explain their story of why they are single. Every person was in a relationship at some point of their life but enjoyed being single much better.



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This source is a research paper on how our society has changed our socially acceptable values and how being single has been redefined from the past. Our culture is experiencing more casual hook ups and casual “relationships” opposed to committed relationships. There are many reasons for this change of singlehood and this source examines why these particular reasons have the created the hook up culture.

Thesis Statement

The growing independence of single women, especially educated single women, has slowly but surely changed the perception of singlehood and has created the hook-up culture that exists today.