Application of the Libraries to academics

Libraries to academics provide the students large amount of digital materials and paper materials. We can easily search for the reference materials we need on the Internet. There is a lot of material in the library, but we can find what we need more precisely through some retrieval methods. And that greatly improves our learning efficiency.

Application of Digital Flagship to academics

The development of science and technology has greatly improved our learning efficiency. In the past, when I took notes on the macbook air, I had trouble keeping up with my professors because laptops are not very good for recording formulas. But now students can use the apple pen to take notes quickly. This is very good, improve the efficiency of learning.

“Expert” Interview: Questions

  1. Why is improving learning efficiency so important?
  2. What affects students’ learning efficiency?
  3. Can you share some strategies to improve learning efficiency?
  4. Can you give me some examples?
  5. What are the principles of these strategies?

Topic- Thesis

Topic: How can we improve learning efficiency?

Thesis: As a student, it is important to know the methods and principles to improve learning efficiency.