Courses Taught at The Ohio State University

ESETEC8226: Methods of Inquiry in Learning Technologies
ESETEC7897: Special Topic in Educational Technology: Research Methods in Learning Technologies
ESETEC7392: Theories of Learning with Technology
ESETEC7297: Designing Multimedia for Instruction
ESETEC7277: Computer-Supported Learning Environments
ESETEC6278: Introduction to Instructional Design
ESETEC6273: Improving Professional Practice of Teaching with Technology
ESETEC6291: Media and Technology in Education
ESETEC5281: Introduction to Developing Educational Websites
PAES7701: Teaching and Learning at a Distance: Foundations of the Virtual Classroom (co-teaching)

Dissertation Advised

Sun, Z. (2015). The Role of Self-regulation on Students’ Learning in an Undergraduate Flipped Math Class. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.

Miller, N. (2012). Online teacher candidates’ experiences in a virtual world for the preparation to teach middle school. Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS.

Tollison, S. (2008). The influence of preparedness on student perceptions and the quality of online interaction. Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS.