Journal Papers

2019 The progressive as a polarity item (non-)licenser: A crosslinguistic study.
Wai Guo Yu [Journal of Foreign Languages] 42(3)
2019 Degree intensifiers as expressives in Mandarin Chinese [with Qiongpeng LUO as 2nd author].
Language and Linguistics 20(2): 256–281
2018 Epistemological classifiers and concealed questions in Acehnese.
72(2): 297-321 [Link]
2016 Compare within and between groups: The interpretation of weak generic sentences.
Open Linguistics 1:2:1-22 [link]
2015 Non-root modals for the past and temporal shifting in Mandarin Chinese.
Lingua Sinica 1:2:1-22 [link]
2015 Empirical properties and semantic analyses of concealed questions. (NB: written in Chinese).
Contemporary Linguistics (当代语言学)17(1):23-34 [Pre-Pub
2014 The degree use of the possessive verb yǒu in Mandarin Chinese: A unified analysis and its theoretical implications.
Journal of East Asian Linguistics 23(2):113-156 [link]
2014 Where is the standard? An analysis of size adjectives as degree modifiers at the semantic-pragmatic interface.

Language and Linguistics15(4):513-538 [link]
  Focus, (non-)exhaustivity, and intervention effects in wh-in-situ argument questions.

The Linguistic Review 30(4): 585–617 (link)
The modal uses of de and temporal shifting in Mandarin Chinese.
Journal of East Asian Linguistics 21(4): 387-420 (link)


Book Chapters


Strict comparison and weak necessity: The case of epistemic yao in Mandarin Chinese.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science(vol.9067), eds. Murata, T., K. Mineshima, and D. Bekki. 130–143 (PDF)

The Comparative Construction in Mandarin Chinese.
Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics (vol.10), ed. Piñón,C. 143–160 (PDF)


Proceedings Papers

to appear

Chinese speaking learners’ bound variable interpretations in L2 Japanese: A preliminary study. [with Mineharu Nakayama as 1st author]
Proceedings of the 28th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics

Degrees as nominalized properties: Evidence from differential verbal comparatives in Mandarin Chinese [with Qiongpeng LUO as 1st author].
Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 22
[ZAS Papers in Linguistics 60/61].[PDF]

Exhaustifyng the focus intervention effect: A crosslinguistic study.
Proceedings of the 39th Meeting of Berkeley Linguistics Society:317-332.[PDF]
Weak generic sentences: Partitioning and comparison.
Proceedings of the 38th Meeting of Berkeley Linguistics Society:507-522.[PDF]
An epistemic modal for strict comparison in Mandarin Chinese.
Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics.[PDF]
A two-layer analysis of ability modality: A case study of able to.
Proceedings of the 45th Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society: 655-668.[Link]
Degree possession is a subset relation (as well).
Proceedings of the 15th Sinn und Bedeutung Conference: 661-676.[PDF]
The possessive equative sentence in Mandarin: Its relation to possession and existence.
Proceedings of GLOW in Asia VIII: 353-360.[PDF]
Ambiguity in the ‘non-root modal + PERF’ construction Revisited.
Proceedings of the 28th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics: 205-213.[PDF]
Concealed questions from a cross-linguistic perspective.
University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics16(1): 252-264. [PDF]
The other pole of degree modification of gradable nouns: A Mandarin Chinese perspective.
Proceedings of the 12th Int’l Symposium on Chinese Languages and Linguistics: 245-256.[PDF]
Non-veridicality and existential polarity wh-phrases in Mandarin.
Proceedings of the 43rd Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society: 121-135.[PDF]
On the semantics of modal particle de in Mandarin.
Proceedings of the 16th Amsterdam Colloquium: 241-246.[PDF]
Licensing existential polarity wh-phrases in Mandarin Chinese.
Proceedings of the 8th Chinese Lexical Semantics Workshop: 37-43.[PDF]

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