Personal Profile

Personal Profile

Danni Xiao is eighteen years old freshman at Ohio State University. She is from China and her English name is Dannie, she gave herself this name because it will be easy to remember her Chinese and English name for others. She is living with her parents, little brotPhoto of my dance competition in high schoolher, and grandparents. She likes dancing, singing and playing guitar. She started to playing guitar four years ago, it is like her best friend. She is really enjoy singing, and she always record it and upload to wechat and tiktok. For the dance part, she started to taking dance classes three years ago, she likes Jazz a lot, and she formed a dance club in high school and often performed at school events with classmates. She lives in Wuhan, the most famous thing in Wuhan is the Hot Dry Noodles for breakfast, it is also her favorite food.


The school I went to in my sophomore year at Detroit MIDannie attended to a public high school named The High School Affiliated to Hubei University for her junior high school. And then she went to high school called Haidian Foreign Language Shiyan School, in her second year of high school, she went to Detroit, Michigan with her classmates to attended to a public school called Anchor Bay High school.That year in Detroit was unforgettable and amazing for her. Also at that year, she traveled to Chicago to visited her brother, that trip was her best memory. She went to lots of places and ate lots of delicious food there. And then she went to North Carolina with her classmates, they visited many good universities there and she has seen American customs, charming scenery, delicious food and friendly people in United states.


The reason Dannie chose to go to Ohio University is that she like its campus style, it covers a large area and the environment,the facilities, and the learining resources there are all good. The students there are all really friendly and nice and there are lots of delicious food around the campus. Her major is Sociology, this major is really famous at Ohio state university. The reason why she chose sociology is she learned it for a year at Anchor Bay High School, this major is about human, group an society, she is really interested in it and wants to learn more about it. Hope she can gets good grades in college and has a nice future!

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  1. Hi, Danni Xiao, My name is Dean Hu, nice to meet you, after reading your self-introduction, I understand that you like music very much. I learned violin when I was a kid, but I didn’t stick to it, but now I like to listen to some Rap, I believe your dance will get better and better. There will be related clubs in osu to let you give full play to your talents. I really hope to meet you at osu.

  2. Hello, Danni Xiao. My name is Zhibin Mo. Now, we are both a buckeye now. Listening music is one of my hobbies. By your instruction, you like singing and dancing. I think your voice is beautiful, and I really hope I could have a chance to feel your voice or enjoy your dance. Hopefully, we could meet each other in the future.

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