Personal profile

I’m Qian(Jenny) Xiao from Chongqing China. As for me, I like to listen to all kinds of music, such as pop, hip hop, k-pop, rock, and instrumental. My favorite singers are Logic, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Tiffany Young, and Yanqi Zhang. Music helps me to calm down and relax when I feel stressed and anxious. Inspired by my idols and friends who released their albums, I began to learn guitar and try to make music. Making music requires patience, scrupulosity, and creativity which makes me a better person. I enjoy playing guitar, for the lively melody always takes me to somewhere peaceful and joyful.  

 I lived in Chongqing for eighteen years and I went to the no.2 foreign language school there for both my middle and high school. My school is located on a mountain which is pleasant, quiet, and fresh. I also traveled to many countries before, such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.. At the end of February this year, my friends and I went to Japan. While we were shopping in Omotesandō, one of my friends went separate ways to get her glasses and passed by Luke’s Lobster. When I and my other friend got there, we missed each other, but we met Zhengdong Ke(an actor from Taiwan) by chance and had eye contact with him. I was excited and began to take pictures of him. Since I was sick, I wore a mask and look like a paparazzi. It was really funny.

Besides, I chose OSU because of the large campus, diversity, and Fisher College. Since one of my friends also got the offer from OSU, we decide to study together and take care of each other in Columbus. It is indeed good to have someone you knew in a new environment. I plan to make new friends, especially people from different countries, to know different cultures and overcome my introversion and also succeed in my academic life and enjoy my college life.