Year in Review

Throughout the enitrety of the school year, I have grown as an individual overall and learned valuable life lessons. College has taught me how to manage my time, give back to my community, and develop leadership and interpersonal skills that I will use in the work force. Being in the health sciences scholars program has allowed me to work with others that have similar career interests to help the community and better ourselves. HSS has brought me closer to so many lifelong friends and given me opportunities to do good for the community.


Service Engagement: Throughout my time in health science scholars, I participated in service activities to help the community and learn new things about myself and others. From volunteering to clean an elementary school to helping out at Ronald McDonald House, my experiences allowed me to impact the lives of others living in the community around Ohio State, making me a better individual. The teamwork of compassionate individuals made for great experiences that I will take with me throughout my life.


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About Me

My name is George Xanthopoulos and I’m from Canton, Ohio. I’m majoring in Health Information Management Systems on track to graduate with my degree in healthcare administration or a similar degree after my undergraduate and graduate programs. My goals for the future in my career and in life in general are to help others and remain consistent in my work ethic and reliability when working with others. In high school, I played soccer and also enjoy weightlifting and playing football. I am Greek Orthodox as well, and have always been heavily involved in the church growing up. Some of my favorite shows are Riverdale and The Office, and my favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids. I like to listen to rap and r&b music, and some of my favorite artists are Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean. I’m super excited to meet new people this year and make new memories at Ohio State.