The Train Station of Berlin

By: Emily Stratman 

We primarily relied on trains in the four cities we visited, using overground and underground railways in London, Paris, Krakow, and Berlin. Before this trip, my train travel experience was limited to navigating the Cleveland Amtrak system with my family. The European rail systems, however, were a completely new adventure. From the iconic London Underground to the sleek trains of Paris and the extensive networks in Berlin, each city’s rail system provided a unique insight into its culture and daily life.

A side view of the station

We stayed near the Hauptbahnhof Station in Berlin, one of the city’s main hubs. This station is anything but small. With five different levels for trains traveling throughout Berlin and Germany, it felt like a mall. Three levels were filled with clothing, souvenir stores, and places to grab a quick bite. Further toward the back of the station was an entire grocery store and a Rossmann, similar to a CVS or Walgreens. It felt like a one-stop shop for most travelers at the Hauptbahnhof Station.

The Hauptbahnhof station was a stark contrast to the limited offerings of the Cleveland Amtrak. While functional, the Cleveland Amtrak lacks the extensive amenities and modern infrastructure of European rail stations. It has basic facilities and provides essential services, but it doesn’t offer the same variety of shops, dining options, or convenience as stations like the Hauptbahnhof. This trip highlighted how different train travel can be in various parts of the world, with each system reflecting its city’s unique character and priorities.

The lower level of the station

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