Now This Would Be A Great Place For A Selfie

By: Grace Nussle

My goofiest selfie.

Throughout the duration of this trip, I have taken over 700 photos and videos. A vast majority of these photos consist of museum displays, captions to historical photos, or the important sites we visited, but the photos were only able to capture some of the beauty and power held in these places. Along the way, I got tired of taking photos of what I was looking at. I wanted to get myself in the photo, too! I started to take selfies almost everywhere I went. I think it’s fun to see the smile on your own face when you are traveling to beautiful new places. It is my way of capturing only a bit of what I was feeling while in these new experiences. I’m more than certain my friends could tell you what I would say at any given moment while walking down the street or across the golden sands: “Now this…this would be a great place for a selfie.”

Some people might think that selfies are cringy or self-centered, but I think that they’re a great way to capture new experiences. It’s one thing to take a photo of the busy metro in Paris, but it’s another to capture the look of pure defeat on my face after getting on the wrong the train and going five stops in the opposite direction. A few of my favorite selfies that I took along the trip are the ones at the top of the Arc de Triumph with the Eiffel Tower in the background and the selfie taken

My favorite selfie with a view.

on the back of the ferry crossing the English Channel with nothing but blue waters and a French flag in the background. My goofiest selfie was of me crossing Tower Bridge in London, for my face is centered in the frame with no shoulders showing. It looks like a floating head smack dab in the middle of the bridge. But the selfies that mean the most to me are the ones with my new friends. I have been able to capture our ear-to-ear smiles, our laughs, our tired eyes on buses and trains, our fresh eyes on early mornings, and our worldwide adventures. I have never appreciated the selfie more than I do at the end of this trip. So, next time you come across the view of a lifetime, don’t be afraid to take a selfie.

A selfie can capture moments of joy and happiness shared with friends.

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