My Strange Sausage Experience

By: Nicole Fennig

I just had the weirdest sausage of my life. For lunch on the second-to-last day of the trip, a few of the other students and I decided to find a restaurant so we could eat more delicious German cuisine. We were so excited when we looked at the menu, seeing the variety of sausage options that we could indulge in. Most of us decided on the same dish, the classic Munich Sausage.

Now, to help clear up some of the confusion for later in this blog, let me emphasize that the menu did not have pictures of the food. Also, a disclaimer is needed because I am in no way a professional chef. Half the time, when making noodles, I overcook them.

As our waitress set down the bowls and plates, we each looked at what we ordered, and when I tell you we were all shocked as to what was inside the bowl, I mean utterly shocked. Two white sausages were sitting in what seemed to be water with chopped green onions floating around. We were making jokes amongst ourselves about the appearance of the dish and how you would not come across something like this at home. It was certainly something I had never seen before.

As we tried the dish, each of us came to our own conclusions about how we felt about the meal. We all agreed it was much softer than we expected, and the casing was not easy to cut. Personally, I rate it as 5.7/10. However, others in the group absolutely loved it, especially the sauce that came with it. Despite not loving the dish itself, I loved the experience of trying this new dish with my friends on the trip. It certainly made for a memorable lunch and story time about the trip.

A picture of the…delicious sausage

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