Germany Acceptance of Evil Colin Hulvalchick Interpretive Blog

It took the Germans time to understand the role they played in the rise of Hitler and to come to terms with the deaths to which they had contributed.  Starting immediately after the liberation of the Concentration Camps, U.S. troops forced German civilians into processions around the camps to see the bodies and the facilities they had lived near for the past few years.  Their reactions of horror, denial, and disbelief at that time but from the German perspective of 1945 shown in the Topography of Terror Museum, they were lied to as much as the Jewish people were.  I have my reservations regarding their lack of interest towards the mysterious camps, but as the decades rolled on, their acceptance solidified.  Responsibility for the murders was understood as more images arose but similar to the Lost Cause theory here in the U.S. after the Civil War, surviving Neo Nazis in the 1970’s started to push Holocaust denial theories which the German-Resistance Museum explains.  This site showcases German resistance towards the Nazi Party with famous images of defiance in the face of overwhelming support, and many small groups sprouting up in opposition to the new government.  The museum explains that these resistance groups accounted for only 0.01-1% of the population, and many of them were communists and socialists murdered by 1939.  The museum also uses the word “we” to emphasize the role that all Germans – not only Nazis – had in the genocide.  They use another striking word: “murder” instead of “executed” to refer to all the killings the Nazis enacted to show that these were unjustified, cruel killings and not lawful deaths for breaking the law.  The centrality of German guilt in these museums stunned me since many governments go out of their way to distance themselves from their horrific deeds and episodes.  The German people do not try to sweep their past under the rug but rather embrace , explain it, and display it for all to learn which is a powerful stance to take.  Their divulging of information about not just the war but the lies, murders, rapes, and plundering of their people is an indicator that Germany takes full responsibility for allowing such evil to grow and persist.  Germany has taken to heart the actions of the Nazis and pushes back against those who wish to manipulate the truth.