May 14th:

Greetings all. I am reporting from the English Channel, heading towards Bayeux, France. For the past five days, my comrades and I have been in London, England visiting and learning about the different sites pertaining to World War II. When we arrived in London, I was kind of overwhelmed. How so many people could live in compact space was astonishing. However, after getting acquainted with the Tube, the difference of how cars are driven, and adjusting to the other customs of this country, everything started to make sense.

One thing I definitely noticed about the British character was how they pay homage not just to fallen heroes but also innocent civilians. Civilian deaths from World War II almost doubled military deaths. This was due in part to strategic bombing, which is an aerial attack on cities, harbors, workers’ housing, and railways. Nazi Germany used strategic bombing on the Londoners during the war. Great Britain later used the same tactic towards the Nazis in Germany.

As my comrades and I visited the Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, something stood out to me. Right behind the sculptures of the seven Bomber Command aircrew, is a message. It states, “This Memorial also commemorates those of all nations who lost their lives in the bombing of 1939- 1945.” Though some people may miss this statement given where it is placed, I believe it serves a strong purpose in striving to acknowledge future relations between the British and the Germans. I also admired the sculptures of the aircrew themselves: How they are looking out to the horizon after an air raid, reflecting on their actions gives them life. Some look like they are proud, one tired and another seems to be questioning what just happened.

Unfortunately, this is where today’s blog will end. Until next time. Cheers!

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