Jimmy Longo – Introductory Post

Hi everyone,


I’m Jimmy Longo. I am a second year student here at Ohio State. I am majoring in History and minoring in Political Science and Media Production/Analysis. My intentions are to either go to law school and become a lawyer or to get a Masters Degree in the field of journalism and become a journalist. I was born and raised in Marion, Ohio, about 45 minutes north of campus up RT 23, and attended River Valley High School.

Before being involved with the World War II Study Abroad Program, I had never gotten the opportunity to travel out of the United States. Flying overseas in a few days will be my first inter-continental experience, let alone inter-country.

I’m really looking forward to providing readers and followers of our trip some interesting content, and hope you’ll enjoy my writing too. Already, I am so grateful for this program and what Dr. Steigerwald, Dr. Davidson and all the supporting cast and donors do to help put this trip together. Through this trip I’ll be able to leave the country for the first time, leave Ohio for the first time outside of playing sports since 2010, and on the way back I’ll also get to make a pit stop in New England to see my grandparents for a week, whom I have not seen since I graduated high school in 2014.

Thanks in advance for reading and for keeping tabs on us while on the trip. The best is yet to come.

Jimmy Longo

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