Here’s Bethany!

My name is Bethany Koch. I am going to be a fourth year at The Ohio State University. I am double majoring in Social Work and History. (If anyone reading this knows how to combine the two, let me know!) I am from a small town in northwestern Ohio, so being in Columbus the past three years has been very eye-opening. I have never left the country, so I am extremely excited for my first ever flight and international travel! I have always loved learning about history, especially World War II. My grandpa was in the Navy and fought on the USS Wake Island during the war, so I grew up hearing all of his stories.

I will be giving my site report at Hitler’s Bunker. It will be so surreal knowing that I am standing in the spot that I have studied all semester. I am also spending my 21st birthday in Poland, which will be one for the history books (history pun intended).

I am very thankful for this amazing opportunity and I cannot wait to fly out in a few days!

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