Hello Its Me

Shalom. I’m Catherine Ayres and fortunately for me, I am about to leave for Europe (in 3 days!!!!!!!) to take part in this incredible trip. As a current third year , International Business major, this trip and the classes leading up to it have been a much needed change of pace compared to learning about financial accounting. Beside working and going to school, my activities consist of hanging out with my 1 year old border collie, Papa, who I’m desperately hoping fits in my suitcase.

World War II has always been an intriguing subject so I absolutely cannot wait to see the sites I’ve learned so much about. Thanks to my mom, my semi-acceptable saving habits, the history department, and STEP I will be spending 5 days in Dublin before heading out to London. I honestly could not be more excited since I have never crossed the Atlantic! Catch you on May 31st America.

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