I’m James Wuellner, Welcome to my e-Portfolio

I am James Wuellner an undergraduate at The Ohio State University planning to join the Biomedical Engineering major. I am a 1st year Ohio State student on the Pre-Med track within the Biological Scholars program and I hope you find my eportfolio to be of interest.

Year in Review

So far this year I have had a chance to explore the world of pharmaceuticals thanks to the biological scholars program as I have attended a speech on the startup Invirsa. While it does not directly correlate with my goals I will likely be interacting the pharmaceutical industry on a regular basis if I continue on my path to a career in medicine, so all in all this was an informational and interesting experience. Furthermore, I feel I have a better understanding of how both medical startups and medical corporations in general operate.


Global Awareness: When we think of different cultures besides our own we often think of cultures you would find around the world. We do not often think about the various cultures we can find stateside or even here in Ohio but cultural groups exist all around us as I have experienced when taking American Sign Language which focused not only on the Language but also the unique culture of the people who speak it, I have had highly informative even having the opportunity to interact with the deaf community. Of course, this will not be my only foray into learning about global cultures as I am currently going through the process of joining the Scholars Study Abroad program so that I may go to Prague next semester and I hope to visit a variety of places in the future.

Original Inquiry: I have previously participated in soil analysis for a dig site that is being used to research the lives of those who historically lived on James Madison’s Montpelier. This was an eye opening experience and I hope to participate in further undergraduate research as soon as this summer.

Academic Enrichment: I have already taken on a Mathematics minor that I will be pursuing during my time at Ohio State and I am currently looking at adding a Chemistry minor, double major, or BS/MS program. As for rigorous classes I am currently taking Linear Algebra and Anatomy 3300 is being considered for next semester.

Leadership Development: The extensive amount of group projects I have been completing during my time at The Ohio State University has been laying the foundation for my leadership skills and I am sure to have many more opportunities to develop my leadership skills as I progress further in my career at Ohio State.

Service Engagement: Prior to attending The Ohio State University I have helped in building an outdoor patio for a local library and I hope to do further volunteering at Ohio State focusing on the medical field.


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I was able to take classes full time at Southern State Community College during my last two years of high school and I felt it was a very a valuable experience. I was able to challenge myself by taking difficult courses in subjects I cared about. I had the chance to visit various energy production facilities thanks to the Physics courses. The biggest impact it had for me was my chance to participate in soil analysis of an archaeological dig-site at Montpelier through their chemistry course which I found to be an eye opening experience.

About Me

Hello, my name is James Wuellner and I am a 1st year student at The Ohio State University. I am currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a Mathematics minor and a Pre-Med track. This is not my first time in a college environment as I attended Southern State Community College full time for my last two years of high school where I was able to obtain an Associate of Science and was lucky enough to participate in research regarding the soil analysis of James Madison’s home Montpelier. Outside of classes I occasionally play chess or go kayaking, but I am excited to see what other activities I will be introduced to during my time here.