Personal Profile


Part 1: about myself

Hi, my name is Linran Wu, and I’m a transfer student majoring in math. This is currently my first year in Ohio State. When I have time, I usually would watch a movie or spend some time playing games on the computer and PlayStation. I love movies and I love to share opinions with others on movies. I think that is a good way to develop skills for critical thinking and expressing myself. My favorite sport is basketball, and I used to be in the school basketball team in high school, though I don’t have many opportunities to play in my spare time recently.

I took this photo when taking a break after a match.


Part 2: my previous experience

As I mentioned, I am a transfer student from China. The school I went to before Ohio State was Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The experience I had there really has broadened my horizon about how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) works and treats people and how the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern biological science created the first Nobel prize in related areas for the Chinese people. As to the city of Beijing is a metropolis with great culture deposits. The two years that I spend in Beijing was unforgettable.

This is a photo I took of the campus in BUCM.


Part 3: why OSU

I haven’t decided on which major I’m going to pursue in the end. I love Math as well as Biology, but I haven’t figured out which one suits me better. But I think I’ll find out soon. For the reason of COVID, I am taking online classes this semester, and it happens to be my first semester in a university of a different country, hopefully, my transition will turn out well.

The reason why I choose to study at Ohio State is that I love the atmosphere here in the Buckeye family. I have never seen anything like that before, and I am so ready to be part of it.