Lab & Team

Equity Bone Lab

Welcome to the Equity Bone Lab, a vibrant research hub where innovation meets equity to advance bone health. Under the leadership of Professor Qing Wu, our lab is committed to pioneering research that bridges the gap in osteoporosis diagnosis and fracture risk assessment, especially among minority women.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Machine Learning for Fracture Risk Assessment: Utilizing machine learning and big data to improve osteoporotic fracture prediction enables personalized healthcare solutions.
  • Person-Specific Precision Thresholds: Crafting personalized reference values and risk assessment strategies tailored to an individual’s race, ethnicity, and genetic profile.


  • Publication: Over 70 peer-reviewed publications in high-impact journals.
  • Recognition: Recognition through various awards like the University Faculty Opportunity Award for significant contributions in osteoporosis research.
  • Grant Funding: Successful procurement of NIH R15,  R21, P20, and R01 grants, among others, to disrupt traditional osteoporosis diagnosis paradigms.

Meet Our Team:

  • Professor Qing Wu, MD, ScD (PI): A seasoned physician-scientist with rich clinical medicine, biostatistics, and public health expertise.
  • Jongyun Jung, MS (Research Assistant):  Specializes in computational genomics and bioinformatics, focusing on data-driven osteoporosis research.
  • Jingyun Dai, MS (Research Assistant): A budding data scientist exploring machine learning applications in fracture risk assessment.
  • Alumni: Our lab alumni have moved on to impactful careers in academia, industry, and healthcare, continually contributing to medical research.

Join Us:

We are always on the lookout for passionate researchers, students, and collaborators eager to contribute to this meaningful quest. Contact Professor Qing Wu at for inquiries.