My extensive collaborative journey, spanning premier institutions like Mayo Clinic, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), and The Ohio State University (OSU), reflects a deep commitment to advancing clinical and translational research. With over 50 jointly funded projects, I have served as a Co-Investigator (co-I), co-principal Investigators (co-PIs), and PI, bringing to the table a wealth of expertise in biostatistics.

As a Co-Investigator, my contributions have aided PIs with meticulous study and clinical trial designs, robust grant development, precise sample size justifications, thorough statistical power analyses, and comprehensive data analysis and management plans. This pivotal role has enabled me to apply my statistical acumen in solving complex research problems, thereby driving the success of numerous multidisciplinary projects.

Highlighted Collaborative Projects:

1. The OSU Center for Clinical and Translational Science: Advancing Today’s Discoveries to Improve Health

    • Major Goals: Support translational science across the University through infrastructure and funding mechanisms.
    • Project Number: UM1TR004548
    • PD/PI: Ringel (Jackson) & Gerhardt, MPI
    • Source of Support: NCATS/NIH
    • Project Period: 07/01/2023 – 06/30/2030
    • Total Award Amount: $38,982,408
    • Role: Co-Investigator

2. Strategies to augment ketosis (STAK) for enhanced readiness and disease reversal

  • Major Goals: Investigate if ketone esters ingestion or a ketogenic diet improves readiness and reverses or slows disease progression.
  • Project Number: W81XWH2210867
  • PD/PI: Volek
  • Source of Support: Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity
  • Project Period: 09/01/2022 – 08/31/2026
  • Total Award Amount: $9,824,963
  • Role: Co-Investigator

3. Supplemental citicoline administration for reduction of lung injury efficacy trial (SCARLET)

  • Major Goals: Conduct a Phase 1 dose-ranging and safety study for citicoline administration in adult COVID-19 patients with ARDS.
  • Project Number: U01AI167784
  • PD/PI: Crouser/Davis
  • Source of Support: NIAID/NIH
  • Project Period: 07/01/2022 – 03/31/2026
  • Total Award Amount: $2,073,262
  • Role: Co-Investigator

4. Does creating person-specific precision thresholds enhance the ability of a single bone density measure to predict fractures in minority women

  • Major Goals: Develop Person-specific Precision Thresholds (PPTs) for BMD in individual minority women utilizing big data and advanced modeling techniques.
  • Project Number: R01AG080017
  • PD/PI: Wu
  • Source of Support: NIH
  • Project Period: 09/01/2023 – 08/31/2027
  • Total Award Amount: $2,549,522
  • Role: Principal Investigator

5. Precise bone density reference ranges to reduce systematic disparities in osteoporosis health for Hispanic women

  • Major Goals: Leverage large samples of Hispanic women to create race/ethnicity-specific, precise RRs of BMD, eliminating healthcare disparities for Hispanic women.
  • Project Number: R21MD013681
  • PD/PI: Wu
  • Source of Support: NIMHHD/NIH
  • Project Period: 11/18/2022 – 06/30/2024
  • Total Award Amount: $405,274
  • Role: Principal Investigator

These collaborative ventures have led to substantial grant funding and fostered a culture of innovation and multidisciplinary synergy, propelling significant advancements in healthcare and human sciences research.

I am continually eager to extend my statistical expertise to new collaborative ventures. I am just an email or a call away if you seek a seasoned Co-Investigator for statistical consultation, study design, or any other biostatistical needs.