How do you Google?

Technology has advanced leaps and bounds in the past 21 years- in the year 2000, internet was just beginning to be found in most homes and Apple was in process of releasing the first iBook. Now the internet is widely regarded as a utility, necessary on the same levels as electricity and water, and is readily available in almost every corner of the country.

Along with internet, technology has progressed on an even faster pace- smart phones have long ruled the roost, but smart homes are rising to popularity. From video doorbells to smart thermostats, managing the home has never been so easy. AI assistants, such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, also add to the convenience of home life. Questions can be answered by simply stating “Hey Google” or “Alexa” or “Siri” and the technology will scour the internet for the answers to you query in a matter of seconds without having to even touch a button.

Some people still prefer to type their answers and conduct their own web search, but the number of voice to text users is growing exponentially. A service once used as an adaptive aide for persons with disabilities, this technology opens a new door into the world of how we as a society utilize the internet and its effects on our daily lives. Common vernacular in my house hold is “Google it:” when in doubt, consult the internet! The information highway available previously at our fingertips is now even more accessible by simply speaking the question aloud and listening to the response.

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