Christina Vera for Columbus City Schools

For me, the reading from this class that stood out the most was “The Right to be Literate” in which, Maisha Winn examined the school to prison pipeline. The reality being that lack of literacy and increased incarceration of youths go hand in hand. Due to no tolerance punishments, severe underfunding, and non-inclusive ways of teaching literacy, inner city students are at a much higher risk for entering the prison system. Ultimately, knowledge is power and more specifically, being literate gives someone a sense of personal power and control over their life. The article states, “Inviting youth to sit at a metaphorical table where they can be engaged their education, and learn how to read, write, speak, and thus act for themselves, while providing opportunities for youth to view themselves as worthy and deserving participants in community and civic engagement is critical”. 

Equality of education is at the forefront of my values. I believe that every student, no matter their history, zip code, or any other category, deserves the right to a quality education system that works for them, and not against them. Over the past few months I have had the privilege to serve on Christina Vera’s campaign for Columbus City School Board.


Christina Vera is a first time campaign runner, a mother of 3 children within the CCSD, and founder of Femergy, a non-profit for women’s empowerment. She has witnessed at first hand the state of our Columbus City Schools and demands change.

Christina’s priorities overlap with the solutions mentioned in “The Right to be Literate”. Christina knows that there is an education debt and will fight for equity education for all. She understands that the current curriculum does not benefit al students, and wants to increase progressive literacy classes, trade skills, and provide multiple pathways to achieving a diploma. Christina is also prioritizing building and facility improvements.

The school to prison pipeline is apparent, and it is happening within our community. It is imperative that we elect leaders who will fight for students above all. Voting for Christina Vera this Fall is essential for the rival of CCSD and the well being of our youth individuals.

If you would like to volunteer, donate, or learn more about Christina, follow this link

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