9th Annual Chili Cook-Off

The 9th Annual Wooster Campus Staff Council Chili Cook-Off was a success! A total of 148 people attended the event and voted for their favorites from 10 red chili and 2 white chili entries.  Mike and Roberta Franks were crowned the Red Chili Champions with Randy Nemitz making it into 2nd place.  Mick Steiner won the White Chili category for the second year in a row, with Penny Nemitz as the runner up.  At the event, we collected 2 ½ boxes of non-perishable items and a total of $114 to donate to the Buck-I-Eat program! We also had left over chili, potatoes, crackers, and drinks that were donated to the Salvation Army.  Thanks to everyone who attended or assisted in any way to make this a great event! Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.