Safety Tips for Using an Autoclave

It’s no secret that autoclaves can be very dangerous to work around.  I compare them to a pressure cooker in my mind and remember what my mother told me about how dangerous those can be.  As a child I locked the lid on ours and the water inside boiled so violently the whole pot was dancing around on the stove top.  I released the lid, bad idea, and boiling hot water went everywhere!  Luckily, no one was hurt which is an absolute miracle!

The following articles are from Lab Manager magazine about the safety hazards of autoclaves and what you can do to stay safe while using them.  For example, did you know that if you use your autoclave to inactivate substances such as human pathogens, blood, tissues, and clinical samples, testing is required after every 40 hours of use?  Autoclaves used to sterilize other materials must be tested every six months.  Check out these articles to learn more and help keep yourself and others that work in your lab safe.

12 Scalding Hot Safety Tips for Using an Autoclave

Safe Use of Autoclave Sterilizers