Shop and Farm Safety

The Machine Shop Safety Program establishes and outlines the OSU Environmental
Health & Safety, departmental, supervisor and user responsibilities; identification of safety hazards and control measures; and training, inspection and record keeping for OSU machine shops. The program applies to all OSU employees whose work duties require them to utilize equipment within machine shops. All hand and powered tools and other hand-held equipment utilized at OSU for construction, alteration, repair, demolition, electrical, plumbing, vehicle maintenance and general purposes are covered by this policy. This program covers all rooms that are dedicated to the housing of shop equipment and are used for student instruction, the completion of student tasks or the completion of work by OSU employees.

If you have old chemicals, paint, oil anti-freeze or solvents to dispose of please submit a service request listing what needs picked up and where.  Wooster Campus Public Safety will pick up your waste at our earliest convenience.

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