Excellence in Safety Award Honors Wooster’s PAAR Facility

Congratulations to the Wooster Campus Plant and Animal Agrosecurity Facility (PAAR) for earning the 2019 Group Award of the “Excellence in Safety” Award from the University Laboratory Safety Committee (ULSC).  The award recognizes individuals and groups who have made a considerable contribution to improving laboratory safety on the Ohio State campus.  CLICK HERE for information about the award and what the Administrative Group (Dr. Juliette Hanson, Kaitlynn Starr, Alden Sewell, and Willie Coblentz) and the Research Group (Dr. Chang Won Lee, John Ngunjiri, and Michael Abundo) have done to achieve this award.  If you see any of these folks around campus congratulate them for a job well done!


Heat Stress Injuries, Illness and Skin Cancer


It is field work season; as such, it is important to be reminded to stay cool and safe in the intense heat outdoors.

Check out the following links for some great information on what to look for and how to prevent heat related illness and skin cancer:


Heat Stress Injuries

Heat Stress Illness and Skin Cancer Prevention

Occupational Heat Exposure

Protect Your Skin Brochure


Also check out the Heat and Cold Stress Online Training, HERE.  This training program provides an introduction to heat and cold stress.  Topic areas include the definition of heat and cold stress, types of illness caused by heat and cold stress, and prevention.

As always let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Stay safe and cool out there.