Year in Review

Throughout this semester I have been working to improve my time management and outlook on life. One thing I have been trying to do is go to the gym regularly. This in addition with school work and social time with friends really limits the free time to very little so I must use every minute efficiently. This has been a long process, but it is slowly and surely getting better. I’m becoming more organized and completing what needs to be done. Recently I have been writing down a schedule for each day which has been very helpful in reminding me what assignments, appointments, and activities I have planned that need to be completed. Along with this I have been working on having a more positive outlook on life. If one dwells in all the mistakes of the past and is constantly concerned with future problems then they are not truly living and enjoying life. This has definitely been a problem in chemistry. It is a very hard and labor intensive course that I was and still am having problems with. Not until later I decided I needed to get help. I would find the concepts very hard and when I did problems and didn’t get them right I would try and figure out what went wrong. When I couldn’t figure it out I would get very discouraged and most of the time give up. This led to a bad habit and attitude of giving up when things didn’t work out and it led to a lot of frustration. Now I have accepted that mistakes are made very often and that you have to look past and learn from them. I need to persevere when there are challenges and work harder than before to improve.


Global Awareness

In the future I plan on volunteering at the hospital and participate in research. Doing such opportunities will expose me to a wide variety of people, ideas, and experiences. However, right now I am not able to participate in these activities, but in my Introduction to Humanities Class I am able to experience students of different cultures and ideologies and build off of them. I am also involved in the Vietnamese Student Association. This allows me to explore a culture different from mine and expand my horizons.

Original Inquiry

Over the summer I am going to try and get a shadowing opportunity at a sports medicine doctor’s office and volunteer at a hospital in Michigan. Coming into freshman year I applied to volunteer at the James but did not get a position, so in a couple semesters I plan on reapplying again.

Academic Enrichment

Throughout my time at The Ohio State University I plan on attending office hours along with working with professors if I need help.

Leadership development

I am in med club and I plan on putting in hours and hopefully becoming a president or gaining a leadership position of the club in the future. Also, I plan on joining some sports clubs or making my own team for an intramural sport and becoming a captain.

Service Engagement

Over winter break I am participating in a Buck-I-Serv trip for community collaborations in Biloxi, Mississippi where we will be doing clean up and various other tasks for a week. I plan on doing more of these trips and would also like to volunteer in an animal shelter.





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I was a member of the cross country team for all four years of my high school career.  I participated as a Junior Varsity runner and considered the team as a second family to me. Through them I was able to challenge myself both physically and mentally.

I went to the scholars study session with the other biological science scholars members in the lobby of Barrett house. It was helpful because I had many people around me in similar or the some classes that could help me out if I had any questions.