Dr. Wold has become a renowned professional within the fields of Medicine and Nursing through years of dedication and selfless guidance towards his colleagues and students. Some of his most impactful works can be noted with his completed grants contracted through the National Institutes of Health/National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, and the National Institutes of Health/National Institution of Environmental Health Science. These grants contributed a significant understanding of the role of external triggers on cardiac diseases.

Currently, the Wold lab is emphasizing the role of particulate matter < 2.5µm in diameter (PM2.5) on cardiac disease. Based on this central theme, we are currently investigating several research projects using the data we gather from daily exposures. For more information on these projects visit our Research Page.

Beyond his realm of medicine, Dr. Wold is a highly awarded editor with several journals. He has received multiple recognitions for his talents as a Star Reviewer from journals such as the American Journal of Physiology – Heart and Circulatory Physiology, and the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. Scholarly writing is an important hobby of  Dr. Wold’s because he believes it’s the best way to share information. In his opinion, “when it comes to research, we share information: it’s just what we do.” Dr. Wold believes in impacting a whole population, and aside from research, writing is the next best way he can make his contributions towards science. You can read some of his most interesting written pieces on the Blog Page.

We are truly thrilled you found your way to the World of Wold, and we hope that you find our passion for the heart to be contagious.