When I was a little kid I went to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry with my parents, and one of the Souvenirs that we got was a custom-made gyroscope, called a ‘Gravitron’. I think that an artifact that most resembles my academic career would be the custom gyroscope that I got when I was little, because it finds balance again even when it is knocked off balance, and keeps going no matter how it is held. It can be put on its side, or upside down, and the gyroscope will still keep working and re-stabilizing itself.





During my first semester here one of the events that had the longest lasting impact was the trip to the corn maze. The trip was only a few hours, but it featured getting lost in a corn maze, playing tug of war, dodgeball, and shooting a high pressure corn cannon. This was a fun bonding experience with some pretty good friends.

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