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Bordeaux chateau ( www.lonely planet/france/activities/food-drink)

Origins of the wine starts to play much and much important role nowadays for the wine industry. As the earliest stage of the wine commodity chain, it matters to the raw materials, manufactures, quality and reputation for the products. Also, consumers begin to care more about the origins for the wine products. Approximately 84% of the consumers are considering that where grapes are grew and wines manufactured are extremely important in determine its quality. These famous wine origins substantially affect the purchasing decision for consumers. Around 75% of the consumers would not want to purchase the wine if they learned about it comes from non-familiar wine origins (Why it matters-Wine Origins). But instead, labels such as Bordeaux, Napa Valley, wine Victoria, these worldwide known famous brands are able to capture much more revenue in terms of consumer wine purchasing preference. During the research for wine origins, we found out the 19 brands/regions that are recognized and listed on the “wineorigins” website, it helps the consumers to learn the true labeling for these 19 famous wine origins name brands.

Come down to why we seriously consider the origins of wine for the whole commodity chain, the first thing is definitely location, every differentiation the land, air, water and weather makes the uniqueness of these famous wines. Professionalism taste these different wine can easily figure out which is from where. The suitable weather condition in geographical sense to grow grapes, to manufacture and store wines are extremely significant parts for producing top-class wine.  Places like Bordeaux, Napa Valley and etc.  all have enough sunshine time for raw materials growth, better type of temperature to maintain the products, also with better transportation for products distribution. The second is what we discussed earlier, the reputation of wine origins, as a more likely middle&higher classes consumption, which people tend to purchase without over thinking the price, instead, quality and reputation matter more to these consumers. Everyone knows about that Bordeaux has the worldwide most famous wine, meantime, probably the better consumption choice in America is Napa Valley’s products. As we say, Origin of wine starts the whole commodity chain, if we want to produce the world-class wine, the starting position must be carefully treated.

With the social effect of the wine origins, there are many advantages. Among all of these, the increase worldwide attention and tourism is the most important criteria. Chateaus in Bordeaux, California significantly devote to attract tourists, which greatly help their own revenue and local economy growth with continuous incoming domestic and foreign visitors.

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