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Alcohol as an ancient legacy of human beings has left tremendous impact to human culture and history. Deterrent people holds various opinions regards to alcohol, some believes alcohol is an excellent invention and brings joy to our life, however, others hold the opinion that alcohol is the origin of evil. How can the world balance this controversial problem and prevent the damage from excessive drinking of alcohol? Well, as the revolution of human society, regulations of alcohol were created in all regions of the world to prevent bad impacts raised from alcohol.

When come to the most famous alcohol regulation through out American history, the Prohibition Movement is worth researching although the Volstead Act was abolished finally. This prohibition movement not only greatly infect ordinary citizens life but also seriously hit the entire alcohol industry let alone the wine industry. During that particularly period of time, alcohol beverages were banned for selling, transportation, production and importation nationally, it is only allowed to drink at home. So, for lots of wine manufactures and retailers, they suddenly lost their customers and jobs and lots of them got bankruptcy. For some smart wine manufactures they invented a type of concentrate grape juice which was promised will ferment into wine in 30 days. For those customers who are eager for alcohols, this invention easily became the obtained peoples attention and won the market share. Hence, for wine manufactures, the Prohibition in United States has gave them a critical strike and sent most of them into grave, but for those survived smart wine manufacture who founded this opportunity, gained the huge market share and won a lot of profit.

Different country have different age restrictions of drinking alcohol, and in some less developed countries they don’t even have any age restriction of drinking alcohol. For most states of United States, where has the relatively thorough and strict constitution, the legal age of buying alcohol and drinking in public is 21. This regulation forced the alcohol retailers become extremely careful in the way of doing business. They have to be very cautious in case they won’t against the law to sell alcohols to young people who are under 21. There will be a enormous amount of fees and serious consequences on those retailers who sell alcohol illegally.

In all, regulation of alcohol brings profound impact on the entire society, it increased the safety of society by prevent bad impact like violence from alcohol abusing. For the economic point of view, the wine importing tariff in US is usually very high which decreases the amount of wine importation and encourages the domestic wine manufacturing industry.


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