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Choosing “wine” as our group’s commodity chain project topic is first based on our own interest. Each of us has some sorts of knowledge about wine, including worldwide famous productions, basic knowledge of its origin and market, also how to taste the wine. All of these personal interests motivate us to research further into this specific subject, along with its commodity chain. There are a lot of famous wine chateaus around the world, mostly located in France, Italy, Spain, Chile and United States, even some specific region in Asia. It will be very interesting to understand how the geographical differences influence the quality of wine. Meantime, study about the commodity chain of wine industry, would greatly support us to pick the product with the best year, taste among the similar price range.

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Commodity Chain is the network of economic link that integrates transnational processes and corporations involved in global sourcing and global marketing of products. In this project, we will focus on the wine commodity chain, this integrated process which starts from where all the necessary ingredients growing in different plants and how producers purchase the inventory with the lowest cost possible, then, how these inventory ingredients are used to make wine by different approaches, eventually, how the wine is stored and packed before they are distributed to global business retailers or directly to customers by the logistic firms.

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