About Us


Established in 2006, the Women in Math and Science Club at The Ohio State University was created to unite women with similar interests, promote academic success and well-being, and establish a supportive personal and professional network.  This organization provides support for undergraduate women in mathematics and the sciences by inviting successful women in STEM to speak, holding social events, and providing outreach to encourage young girls to study science and to demonstrate that there is not a standard type of person who can do science.


One of the most beneficial aspects of our organization is the opportunity to start building a professional network.  We invite successful, strong women to our meetings to speak about their work and passion for their field, as well as provide insight as to any obstacles she might have faced and the steps she has taken to reach her career and personal goals.  Additionally, with six positions included on the executive board, WIMS is able to offer great leadership experience opportunities of varying skillsets and time commitments.


WIMS partners with the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland each year to host a “Detective for a Day” event that introduces elementary school girls to STEM and all of the possibilities in those fields.  In addition, WIMS works with local elementary schools, after-school programs, and libraries to host additional STEM-themed events to demonstrate how exciting and interesting math and science can be.


Our mentoring program pairs upperclassmen with our younger/first-year students of the same major or career interest to make them feel more at home in their first year and pass along tips for studying, scheduling, and other advice that they have learned during their time at Ohio State.