The Wilson Football



Welcome to our commodity chain for Geography 2750.  We chose to explore Wilson footballs.  NFL footballs have been in the media all year due to the deflategate fallout from the Super Bowl winning team The New England Patriots.  In addition to this, football has become America’s most popular sport.  We seek to explore the production and distribution of Wilson’s football to the NFL as well as sporting good chains across the country. Wilson footballs are the only professional sports ball that are produced entirely in the United States, something that is uncommon in a United States service oriented economy.  Wilson sporting goods company has been manufacturing the footballs used in the NFL since the year 1941. Wilson footballs are the official ball of the NFL and therefore do not compete with rival manufacturers in regards to professional football. The factory for Wilson is based in the town of Ada, Ohio, specifically for crafting footballs and only footballs, the factory puts out around 4,000 balls a day or 700,000 footballs a year. Materials are purchased from local cattle farms near by states.  During this project we split work very evenly.  We met at libraries and worked on the following pages together.  An exact percentage would be close to 50/50 since we met and discussed the ideas of each page and put our ideas together.  This site was created by Daniel Rotella and Steven Soltay.


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