Semester in Review

This past semester has been a transition from the very supported high school environment to a very independent situation. College is the first time for so many things and you are facing them on your own. I’ve been told that the first semester is the most difficult because of how independent you have to be. There are no parents reminding you to do your homework and no teachers constantly emphasizing the deadlines for things.

This past semester I was enrolled in five classes, chemistry, physics, french, and two freshman seminar classes. It was difficult at first finding a balance between the classes, but after the initial weeks I was able to find a study pattern that worked effectively for me. The most challenging class this semester was general chemistry, because unlike a high school class where the majority of the material covered in a class college courses require a lot more work outside of class. From this first semester I solidified study skills that will be useful in the coming semesters as well.

College extends far beyond the academic sphere. Especially since I live in a dorm, there is very little separation between school and home life. In addition to simply living in a dorm, I am also a part of the Biological Sciences Scholars, so I live with other students with similar interests as me. It was much easier to make friends and find study partners because of the scholars events and service opportunities. The community that I built with my dormmates  made the transition from living with family easier.

There are so many unique opportunities offered to students at OSU that I am just beginning to get involved. I have joined the Pre-Med club and Cru. Pre- Med club is designed to engage students on the pre-med track in service and present talks from current med students and doctors. Cru, short for campus crusaders is a Christian organization designed to be a community on campus. I look forward to getting involved with USG, the student government next semester.

In the coming semester I look forward to new challenges with a more rigorous class schedule. Hopefully I’ll find more clubs to be involved with too!

Year in Review

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