Get to know me

Good morning everyone! My name is Ryan Wilson and I am a first year, coming from Chantilly Virginia, about 15 miles outside of our Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC.  I’ve had the unique benefit of attending one of the most challenging and diverse high schools in the country (GO CHARGERS!).  I am incredibly thankful for all of the opportunities and the available resources available at CHS.  I took 9 AP level courses while at Chantilly High School and graduated as a National Scholar, with 7 special recognition club honors.  I worked hard to maintain my grades in school as well as working hard in the community, which I intend to continue at OSU!

As an active volunteer in my church, I taught Sunday School, fed the homeless and participated in mission trips.  I also volunteer with our US Veterans in the the Honor Flight Program, where veterans from all over the country are flown into Washington, DC to be given a tour of the monuments in honor of their service.  It is an extremely worthy cause and one which I have dedicated many hours to supporting.

As an incoming freshman I am extremely excited to be part of the Biological Science Scholars program! I cannot wait to meet other passionate students who share my interest in biology related subjects. Living with this group will foster such amazing community, and hopefully make the transition to the University smoother. The classes I am enrolled in are focused on science that has always interested me. Specifically, biology with a genetics focus has peaked my curiosity. The research opportunities at OSU and small specialized classes drew me to The Ohio State.

I believe that my time at OSU will assist me in achieving my goal of becoming a genetics researcher, where I am confident that I can do some good, whether it be contributing to the pursuit of curing cancer, exploring emerging technology,  or understanding complex brain function disorders (ie. autism).  I hope to find interesting students who are willing to engage in academic discussion inside the classroom as well as form concrete friendships with them outside the academic sphere! I can’t wait to see what OSU holds for me!