Semester in Review

This past semester has been a transition from the very supported high school environment to a very independent situation. College is the first time for so many things and you are facing them on your own. I’ve been told that the first semester is the most difficult because of how independent you have to be. There are no parents reminding you to do your homework and no teachers constantly emphasizing the deadlines for things.

This past semester I was enrolled in five classes, chemistry, physics, french, and two freshman seminar classes. It was difficult at first finding a balance between the classes, but after the initial weeks I was able to find a study pattern that worked effectively for me. The most challenging class this semester was general chemistry, because unlike a high school class where the majority of the material covered in a class college courses require a lot more work outside of class. From this first semester I solidified study skills that will be useful in the coming semesters as well.

College extends far beyond the academic sphere. Especially since I live in a dorm, there is very little separation between school and home life. In addition to simply living in a dorm, I am also a part of the Biological Sciences Scholars, so I live with other students with similar interests as me. It was much easier to make friends and find study partners because of the scholars events and service opportunities. The community that I built with my dormmates  made the transition from living with family easier.

There are so many unique opportunities offered to students at OSU that I am just beginning to get involved. I have joined the Pre-Med club and Cru. Pre- Med club is designed to engage students on the pre-med track in service and present talks from current med students and doctors. Cru, short for campus crusaders is a Christian organization designed to be a community on campus. I look forward to getting involved with USG, the student government next semester.

In the coming semester I look forward to new challenges with a more rigorous class schedule. Hopefully I’ll find more clubs to be involved with too!

H&S Tailgate

Although the Honors and Scholars program is designed to facilitate academic endeavors we are also concerned with community building, which entails interaction outside of the academic sphere. Some of the events hosted by the Biological Sciences Scholars are study sessions, volunteer opportunities, and social events. Buckeye football is a staple at The Ohio State University and it commands Saturdays in the fall. The scholars had a tailgate before the game against UNLV at home. We got together and played Buckeye trivia and corn hole! We also had a great pancake breakfast! It was an excellent way to start the game day! The Buckeyes won 21-54 that week! GO BUCKS!

This event reminded us to couple the rigorous academic agenda with some fun events in order to maintain a balanced schedule. Those who work together should also have fun together!


Ohio State is known as a city within a city, Columbus, which provides unique opportunities, but also encompasses 60 thousand students. When I was applying to The Ohio State University the large student body was daunting. The idea of becoming “just a number” in a 500 person general chemistry class caused me anxiety at first. However there are numerous resources that the university offers to make the large school feel small. One of the most influential programs that I am involved in is the Honors and Scholars program. I am part of the Biological Sciences Scholar community and it has afforded me so many unique challenges and opportunities throughout my time at OSU thus far. Through the program I have had the opportunity to live amongst peers with similar interests, which provides a great support system as I begin my time at OSU. The H&S program also helps provide structure to outline my future plans as they align with the H&S G.O.A.L.S. These goals include involvement with Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement, that will produce a well rounded person by graduation. My specific goals are outlined below:

Global Awareness: I grew up right on the outskirts of Washington D.C., the capital of the United States, and a center for domestic and international affairs. I have been exposed to a wide variety of cultures and this has allowed me to cultivate and develop an appreciation for diversity and each individual’s unique differences. However, I plan to continue to explore diversity by taking classes that are centered on cultural diversity and comparison between different parts of the world.

Original Inquiry: Since my future goal is to do genetic research as a career after Medical school, understanding the research process by engaging in the opportunities OSU has available is very important. Research begins with effective in class participation, and extends beyond. Many of the faculty at OSU are engaged in research themselves and are usually willing to discuss it with you. Professors are always looking for students to work in their labs and these are great opportunities to work with incredible mentors. Also there is the Wexner Medical Center and the James Cancer Research Center on campus, both offering volunteer positions.

Academic Enrichment: Honors & Scholars students pursue academic excellence through rigorous curricular experiences beyond the university norm both in and out of the classroom. Being a scholar has allowed me to immerse myself in my studies. I am surrounded by like-minded peers who are willing to engage in collaborative thinking to improve the learning experience for everyone. My short term goal is to earn a high GPA and become an honors student in addition to a Biological Science Scholar. The academic aspect is not the only important factor, but since my goal is to go to medical school following the completion of undergraduate studies my academics are of paramount importance.

Leadership Development: In the medical field it is incredibly important to hone leadership and communication skills. I have never been an outgoing person, however I understand the value in becoming involved in leadership positions. I am in many clubs this year as a freshman and when I am an upperclassman I will apply to be on the leadership boards to become even more deeply involved.

Service Engagement: Honors & Scholars students commit to service to the community, and through the program there are many science related opportunities offered. I have joined OSU’s Circle K club, which is the collegiate level of a club that I was actively involved in throughout high school, called Key club. We perform a wide variety of service in the community that can be tailored to fit my specific interests. I have also applied to be a volunteer at the Medical Center on campus, and unfortunately I was not assigned for the fall semester, but I will apply for the spring as well.


Chantilly High School Alumni

The time I spent at Chantilly High School was some of the best of my life. During the four years I explored the academic field that I would eventually pursue at OSU, I got involved with extracurriculars that expressed my broad interests, and I formed lifelong relationships. As a driven high school student I learned how to balance work and leisure time effectively. As I recently entered my first semester of college I’ve realized that Chantilly was a valuable stepping stone in my academic career.

Chantilly High School in Fairfax, Virginia offered a wide variety of AP courses as well as unique elective classes. Throughout high school I took a total of nine AP classes that better prepared me for the rigor of college.I graduated as an AP scholar, because of my dedication to high achievement in AP courses. As a senior I was able to take an elective course in Genetics and Biotechnology that allowed me to recognize that I have a passion for genetics. The course load in my later years of high school was heavily science related, but all of my classes were interesting and I was motivated to work diligently because I was interested in the subject. In addition to classes there were also several nationally recognized honor societies that I was a part of. In total I was in five honor societies, National, Latin, English, Tri-Music, and Science. These allowed me to engage with my peers outside of class in an academic setting, as well as providing additional motivation to maintain a high grade point average.

Although the honor societies required community service involvement, I became most involved with key club, which is a national service organization dedicated to facilitating high schoolers in their desire to serve the community. Circle K is the college equivalent of Key club, and I have already joined at OSU. Another extracurricular that I was very passionate about is that I played cello in the philharmonic orchestra, playing the cello was a great way to alleviate stress, while also engaging in the Chantilly community. Although I decided not to continue playing the cello in an organized setting at Ohio State I still thoroughly enjoy playing for fun occasionally. Outside of school I was part of the Cardinal Cloggers dance team and regularly swing danced with Gottaswing. Through my dance team I was also able to do community service by performing in nursing homes and at community events. It was also through dance that I became involved with Chicago Honor Flight, an organization that provided aid and financial assistance to WWII, Korean, and Vietnam war veterans who want to travel to Washington D.C. to visit the monuments and memorials. Over the summer I was a guardian to a veteran and I guided them around D.C. for the day. Growing up outside of the Nation’s capital I took it for granted, but it was excellent to be able to assist our veterans in visiting the monuments.

The Chantilly community extended far beyond the school walls, and I was able to make some of my best friends in high school. My peers and I would meet for study sessions and projects. Collaborative work was highly encouraged and I learned the value of group discussion. Living in a dorm this year is very conducive to group study, for example we have scholar study sessions in the lobby of our dorm. The people who are in classes with me have become some of my closest friends and we spend a lot of time doing school work and social events. The Chantilly community is very similar to the buckeye community, and I am incredibly glad to be a part of both!

I loved being a Charger, but I am even more excited to be a Buckeye!

Get to know me

Good morning everyone! My name is Ryan Wilson and I am a first year, coming from Chantilly Virginia, about 15 miles outside of our Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC.  I’ve had the unique benefit of attending one of the most challenging and diverse high schools in the country (GO CHARGERS!).  I am incredibly thankful for all of the opportunities and the available resources available at CHS.  I took 9 AP level courses while at Chantilly High School and graduated as a National Scholar, with 7 special recognition club honors.  I worked hard to maintain my grades in school as well as working hard in the community, which I intend to continue at OSU!

As an active volunteer in my church, I taught Sunday School, fed the homeless and participated in mission trips.  I also volunteer with our US Veterans in the the Honor Flight Program, where veterans from all over the country are flown into Washington, DC to be given a tour of the monuments in honor of their service.  It is an extremely worthy cause and one which I have dedicated many hours to supporting.

As an incoming freshman I am extremely excited to be part of the Biological Science Scholars program! I cannot wait to meet other passionate students who share my interest in biology related subjects. Living with this group will foster such amazing community, and hopefully make the transition to the University smoother. The classes I am enrolled in are focused on science that has always interested me. Specifically, biology with a genetics focus has peaked my curiosity. The research opportunities at OSU and small specialized classes drew me to The Ohio State.

I believe that my time at OSU will assist me in achieving my goal of becoming a genetics researcher, where I am confident that I can do some good, whether it be contributing to the pursuit of curing cancer, exploring emerging technology,  or understanding complex brain function disorders (ie. autism).  I hope to find interesting students who are willing to engage in academic discussion inside the classroom as well as form concrete friendships with them outside the academic sphere! I can’t wait to see what OSU holds for me!


Year in Review

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