Dr. Aaron B. Wilson is a Research Associate at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (BPCRC). BPCRC is recognized internationally as a leader in polar and alpine research. BPCRC houses ten research groups, along with a Library, Archival Program, the Polar Rock Repository, and a team of support staff. The scientists at BPCRC focus on the role of cold regions in the Earth’s overall climate system, and encompasses geological sciences, geochemistry, glaciology, paleoclimatology, meteorology, remote sensing, ocean dynamics, and the history of polar exploration. BPCRC also offer seminars and lectures, maintaining a vibrant and active Education & Outreach program.

Scott_HallDr. Wilson is a member of the Polar Meteorology Group (PMG), whose researchers employ two main approaches to atmospheric sciences including (i) numerical model development and enhancement for use in polar environments and (ii) polar climate investigations using atmospheric models and observations.



Byrd Polar & Climate Research Center
Scott Hall Room 108
1090 Carmack Road
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio  43210-1002

Telephone: (614) 292-6531
Fax: (614) 292-4697

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