Year in Review


At the beginning of my time in the HSS program, I was a freshman from Columbus that had no idea what college would be like and no network of friends to support my academic career. Being from Columbus, many of my friends from high school were attending OSU with me, but they were studying different majors like business or communications. Although, I had not yet selected my major I knew I wanted to study science. I did not have a network of friends in my science classes to study with or encourage me. One month into the HSS program, I knew a face of someone in all of my classes. These connections provided me with people to study with, complain about my professors with, and discuss future career plans with. Now, I have a very strong network of academic friends that I schedule classes with and do not go a day without seeing. I owe a lot of my academic success to the  Health Science Scholars program for connecting me to my classmates who have been by my side throughout all my courses.

I expected to meet new people at OSU and do well in school; however, I have surpassed my expectations of my first two years. I have learned how to be a successful student at Ohio State, earned great grades, and find myself traveling on breaks to see friends that I have made at OSU (many of which are in HSS).

For the remainder of my OSU experience, I plan to continue doing well in school, take on more leadership positions on campus, volunteer more, begin researching, and continue meeting more amazing people.

Leadership Developement

I work at a restaurant in Upper Arlington. I have worked their for a year now. As the restaurant hires new employees, I am the head hostess that trains the new people. I have been appointed a leader in this aspect (which may not seem like a big deal), but it has taught me how to teach others about something I am more knowledgeable in.

Major Service Project


Project Title: Middle School Volunteer Lacrosse Coach

Service Site Location: Jones Middle School, Upper Arlington, Ohio

  1. Describe your involvement with this organization

I volunteer as an assistant coach for the girls’ 7th and 8th grade lacrosse teams at Jones Middle School (my alma mater) in Upper Arlington. I have been attending a few practices a week for an hour and a half for the past 10 weeks. I help with practice plans, coach the players in groups and one on one,  encourage the players, speak to parents, and work with other head coaches.

  1. Describe what you gained as a result of this experience.

I have learned how to communicate with the middle school girls. It is important to get their attentions and keep them. I have learned how to be patient when the girls do not understand what I am teaching them or are not cooperating with me. I have learned how to encourage EVERY girl on and off the field. I made myself approachable to the girls so that they could work with me one on one and tell me their problems. Overall, I have learned how to be a better teacher.

  1. Describe positive changes to the community as a result of your service experience.

From my service engagement, the girls have become better lacrosse players and teammates. The Upper Arlington Community is a very big lacrosse community, so by creating an encouraging and positive lacrosse team, the community is better.

  1. Describe a person with whom you interacted that made a strong impression on you, positive or negative.

I disagreed with the coaching tactics of the head coaches occasionally. These were negative interactions because we all disagreed and had different opinions of how we should coach or play certain girls. Once we talked and settled our conversations, everything was okay. So overall, after we would discuss the issue, it would be resolved.

  1. Complete the following sentence: “Because of this service experience, I am__________”

Because of this service experience, I am a better teacher. I am a better coach, friend, listener, and jokester (we have to have fun at practices too, right?!).

Academic Enrichment

Informational Interview

Interview with Dr. William Wilmer

I chose to interview this person because he is my father and did not chose to pursue until halfway through college. I relate to him in this way because this entire year I have been an undecided major who enjoys studying science. It was not until a full year of Organic Chemistry and my success with that course that I concluded I wanted to study science and pursue medicine in my future.

Dr. Wilmer is a kidney doctor who shares a private practice with four other doctors. They are all nephrologists, but they also work as businessmen in the way that they own their practice and a few dialysis units. His roles include doing rounds on his patients in the hospital early in the morning or late in the evening. Then, he goes to his office in one of five locations and has appointments with about 20 patients a day. After the appointments, he usually goes home and spends time with his family. Later in the evening, he dictates patient files and letters for a few hours.

Dr. Wilmer prepared for his roles by being successful in undergraduate school, medical school, residency, and fellowship. He worked for Ohio State for multiple years as apart of his fellowship and then decided to create a private practice with his colleagues.

I gained many insights from this interview. From hearing about his long journey to becoming a doctor and the hours/ many roles it entails, I am astonished by his balance of work and family. The success he has had while maintaining hobbies and family time has inspired me that I can “do it all”. I still want to major in Biology and continue a career in medicine.

Health and Wellness

I attended the BASICS (brief alcohol screening and intervention for college students) program offered at OSU’s student wellness center on 5/22/16 and 5/29/16. This program provided me with information about alcohol, statistics of college students’ drinking habits, and steps to help others or oneself to intervene unhealthy drinking habits.

Original Inquiry

I attended the HSS Service fair on August 21st. I spoke to about five booths about careers and certain majors that would lead to this career. This event enriched my knowledge about possible career paths and majors, which is necessary for me with my major being undecided.

Service Engagement

I am a volunteer as an assistant coach for middle school girls’ lacrosse. This opportunity allows me to make practice plans, encourage the players, speak to parents, and work with other coaches. This engagement pushes me to be a leader in order to make the girls better players. I have been helping a few times a week for an hour and a half for 10 weeks. (Started 2/25/16 and still coaching). 

Year in Review

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Global Awareness


I am traveling to Restoration Gateway in Uganda for six weeks this summer, so I have been speaking to people that will be attending the same trip in order to gain global awareness and prepare for my trip. These people include my Aunt and Uncle who have been attending this camp for about 10 years, my trip planner, other missionaries and doctors who attend the camp yearly, and other students my age who are attending the camp for the first time like me. I will be tutoring kids, learning about their culture/history, observing medical procedures, and building things within the community. This will increase my understanding of the world and other cultures. By speaking to other people going to Restoration I have learned a lot about the history of Uganda, the history of the Restoration Gateway area, and what I will be encountering in June.