Statements of Action

As I prepare for my last two years of college I also have to prepare for admission into vet school. My 3rd year is crucial in order to be a competitive applicant. This year I will take these necessary steps to get ready for my future career as a vet:

  • Applying for a job as a vet assistant or simply shadowing a vet for more vet hours
  • Keeping my GPA up by prioritizing school work
  • Establishing and developing relationships with more vets, OSU staff, and professors
  • Applying for a winter, spring, or summer internship at the Columbus zoo
  • Taking a study abroad trip in summer 2021 to South Africa for Exotic Animal Welfare and Behavior
  • Preparing for the GRE in summer 2021

Vision Statement

It is hard to say exactly what I want my future to look like considering that values, opinions, and visions can always change with more experience. But what I can say is that I for sure can’t see a future that doesn’t involve animals, videography, and travel.  My dream is to work with zoo/exotic animals. Although I don’t mind working at a zoo in the future, I would really like to work as an international travel vet, treating animals, working in field research, and being involved with conservation awareness education. While I travel, I want to document my experiences through photography and videography. I also plan on making other personal projects- such as short films- and projects for others such as filming documentaries, events, music videos, concept videos, dance classes, and much more.

2nd Year in Review

Despite the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic, my second year at OSU is honestly no comparison to my first year. I did a lot better academically, made more friends, and was able to have a lot more fun. My mental health improved tremendously. I found myself able to sleep more and study less, all while doing the necessary classwork to keep my GPA up. My 2nd year was so awesome that I can’t even believe my freshman year was so bad. I honestly feel like my 2nd year is what my first year should have been like. Although I feel my first year was somewhat wasted, I am delighted that my 2nd-year basically made up for it.

In my first semester of year 2 (AU2019), I took Spanish 11155, Intro to Film, OChem 1, and Bio 1113. These classes all went well, except Ochem, which I plan to retake SP2021 in order to be a better competitor for vet school programs that I plan on applying to.

In my second semester of year 2 (SP2020), I took Spanish 3, Criticizing TV (a writing class), Ochem lab 1, Bio1114, and Psych1100. These classes went very well also. This semester was one of the best semesters I have ever had academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This is the semester that I feel I have finally gotten used to college life and all that comes with it.

Currently (SU2020) I am taking Stats 2450 and Comm2110 (public speaking). So far I am truly enjoying these classes and my summer!

As far as community is concerned, I had a great residence life experience. I was blessed to be accepted membership into the Sophomore Learning and Involvement (SLIC) and serve as a representative of the Learning Community Hall Council. All members of SLIC lived in The Residence on 10th, which is known to be the best dorm on campus. It was such a blessing to live there!!😩 I honestly wish I could go back.

In conclusion, my 2nd year was truly an amazing experience, I would probably repeat it if I could. My 2nd year at OSU has given me hope that my next two years of college won’t ever end up like my 1st. It has given me hope to keep moving forward and pushing through adversity, even when I struggle. I cant wait to see what my last 2 years hold. 😄