Scott’s presentation blog post

A paragraph describing: How does Scott’s presentation affect your interaction with your university work?

Scott’s presentation presented many different things that we should be aware of as students and adults working with technology whether it be for school purposes or work purposes. As I young adult, I think that it can be easy to get taken advantage of by these popular sites that we utilize on a day to day basis. Some things that I need to be aware of while using these sites are to be cautious of what sites are secure and what sites aren’t. I don’t want my information to be stolen or leaked in any sort of way, so I need to be aware of sites that do so without me knowing. I really enjoyed being able to ask Scott questions at the end of his presentation, this allowed for us to ask him real world questions that we have on the daily. Learning about what I should do with my bank account and information regarding that was thoroughly helpful as I venture into adulthood. Scott’s points in his presentation were very thorough and well explained, providing the whole class with knowledge that will be beneficial to us during our college careers and beyond.


Q: How could you integrate the Libraries into your academic activities?

A: I could integrate libraries into my academics by not leaning too much on the internet. I should be able to go to a library or access the OSU library on my laptop and be able to find tools that will aid me in getting the best information for whatever project that I am working on completing. Using the library will allow me to grow my confidence in finding different reliable resources, instead of assuming the resources on Google are great for an academic project.

Digital flagship post

Q: How could you integrate the Digital Flagship into your academic activities?

A: I could integrate digital flagship into my academic activities by utilizing the technology and tools given/provided for me to the best of my ability and get the most out of them. I will utilize them to give me more opportunities for knowledge in my school life, instead of focusing on my social life. This will allow me to focus on what really matters, while setting myself up to go into a great career field.

Expert interview questions

  1. Do you sell cruelty free cosmetics at your own salon?
  2. Why or why not do you sell these products?
  3. Are there benefits of using cruelty free products for your hair and body?
  4. What do you know about products that test on animals?
  5. What products do you recommend?
  6. Are these products available for male and female products?
  7. How can individuals make the switch to cruelty free products easily and affordably?
  8. If someone wanted to know why they should make the switch to these products, what would you say and why?
  9. At what point did you make the switch to cruelty free/vegan products?
  10. How do you find out if a company’s products are cruelty free?

Topic, potential experts, potential sources, and thesis

Topic: Why we should all strive to purchase cruelty-free cosmetics

Thesis: Cosmetics should not be tested on animals due to the harm that it inflicts on these innocent creatures and the inaccurate results that come from it.


Cruelty free cosmetics should be purchased over regular cosmetics due to the harm that regular cosmetics inflict on innocent animals and the inaccurate results that come from it.

(not sure if this will be my actual thesis — but along these lines)

Potential experts: my aunt who owns a salon and sells cosmetics

Potential sources: 



Group 6, Class 1

Should Second-Year students be required to live on campus?

  • Yes, we think that second year students should be required to live on campus.
    • It would be safer for the student to live on campus with other students in one building.
    • It would grant the opportunity for students to be more involved in campus life while living in a dorm. This creates a sense of community and is beneficial for new students and even out of state students.
    • It is also great for underclassmen because they are closer to their classes. This allows them to walk easily, and they don’t have access to a car because of being an underclassmen.


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