Introduction to Forex Trading

Below is a video which basically sums up what Forex trading is, it was made by the Fx unviversal Group which specializes in proving a platform for anyone to trade anywhere in the worlld online.

Youtube Video

A link to a professional organization website

Below is the number one site to visit for information concering Forex trading in the United states.

An academic journal article

This article was extracted from Investopedia and serves the purpose of educating users on the traits succesful Forex traders must carry in order to be proficient traders. It explores the concept of SMART Goal setting into day trading and this is what makes me feel good about the importance of the the information obtain in this class, as well as its applications in real life ventures.


A book

Below is a book which serves the purpose of being very accessible information as well as a very credible source of information concerning Forex Trading.

The Little Book of Currency Trading: How to Make Big Profits in the World of Forex

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Other websites

Below are other sites which are very well know within the forex trading community.